“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is 40 Fat & Frustrated?

40 Fat and Frustrated is the accumulated awareness and realization that the current situation that you’re in is a product of your creation. It is the acceptance that there are things in your life like your age, parents, or your past that you cannot change. It’s about becoming aware of your situation and focusing on the things that you can change. Regardless of your age, sex, weight, past, or current financial status, 40 Fat and Frustrated is both a destination and a journey. It signifies the beginning of a new way of thinking and provides the tools to help you redefine your life the way you want it to be. 

So why are you here? You’re here because you’re looking for answers. You’re curious about the notion that there is more to life, and you have so much more to give. If you’re anything like me, I was frustrated with my life, my age, my weight, and my job. I’d cut myself off from the outside world, and as I rapidly approached 40 the anxiety that I would silence with a few drinks each night started to give way to depression. 

No One is Coming to Help! 

At my darkest moment, I held a gun to my head with a single round loaded and made myself think of all the reasons not to pull the trigger. I needed help and realized that no one was coming to help me. And so I took responsibility, I made myself accountable for everything in my life, and started working on bettering every aspect of it.

A couple of months later I found myself on a trip of a lifetime with my wife and four kids. We had taken a month off and flew to California, then drove into Northern Baja, Mexico and then headed back north along the coast up to Oregon. In the preceding months prior to the trip, I poured into every subject matter I could regarding self-help, personal development, alternative therapies, cold immersion, meditation, breathing exercises, diet, and exercise. I tried micro-dosing on LSD and psilocybin, float therapy in a sensory deprivation tank. I tried everything that I could to make sense of my situation and discovered what tools I could use to help myself get better. 

Somewhere along the trip North out of Mexico I found myself coming to the realization that we all work our best and most productive years, using up all of our talents and creativity often times for corporations and businesses the could give two shits about us, our families, or goals in life. Before you know it, in a blink of an eye, our kids have grown up and moved on to start their own lives. And everything you wish you would have done differently manifests as regret as we slip into our golden years. To old and with creaky worn out joints, you realize it’s too late. 

Somewhere along my journey I had gotten on a bus and fell asleep at the wheel. Only to wake up 10 years later wondering what the fuck had happened. Only now I was married with 4 kids, responsibilities, a mortgage, and a dog. I stopped making goals for myself, content in the wash and repeat cycle of wake, work, put food in mouth, come home, try to be present, glass of wine or beer, put food in mouth, bed. 

But, what if there was another way? What if you could start changing your life for the better, today? What if you could start making small incremental changes each day and start working at changing your life around?

After I finished blaming everyone and everything I came to the realization that I am 100% accountable for everything in my life. And no matter what I wanted or telegraphed onto others, it only came back as resentment and frustration. Once I realized that the only thing I can do to change the world around me, the people, my family, my reality, was to take ownership of all of it, and work on me. 

I want 40 Fat & Frustrated to be that knot at the end of your rope, keeping you from falling. I want to be the “Help” for someone else when there was no one there to help me. 

It all begins with Awareness and Accountability.

40 Fat and Frustrated is about taking stock of your life and drawing a line in the sand. It’s about building awareness around your emotional state and recognizing the triggers that set you off. It’s about becoming 100% accountable for everything in your life and taking responsibility for the shit show it’s become. 

What I realized as time went on was that there is no quick path to success, fortune or fame. It is a daily grind, a self-relenting bitch to burden. Every day when you wake up the fucking rent is due, your success or failure is how you navigate through it. 
Every morning when you wake up you get a clean slate in which you get to redefine your life. Yesterday does not matter. It is in those few minutes of waking up that you set the intention for the day. That you take ownership of the day and start stacking success in your favor. Or the day makes you its bitch.

Don’t you want to wake up and live your best day ever? What if you could repeat that the following day and the next? It’s possible but only you can make the choice, only you decide which way you go. How bad do you want it?

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